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From Ljubljana to Duesseldorf with Kia Soul EV

A bit crazy, we know. But we did take our full electric Kia Soul to Duesseldorf – for a drive:) The trip was well-planed, but we did make some alternative stops to save time or just to do some sightseeing.
It took us 21 hours for 1100 km one way. We drove for 14 hours in each direction, the rest were pit-stops, that gave our Soul the extra energy needed. And us, too.
The average drive was 60 km long, the longest was 128 km. On one charge. Our Soul gives us very good range-information. Most of the time it is very conservative in its predictions, so we mostly were able to drive much more than it predicted. We did not take this for granted, we took notice of the roads ahead. If you expect the road to go up hill most of the time, the range will probably be accurate. If you go down, our Soul takes you much further than it promises.
What was best about the trip, is the quiet and relaxed drive. We did drive at 110 km/h for some parts of the trip. But on average the speed was only 75 km/h. Even driving 90 km/h on german highways did not seem strange – we were not the slowest car there!
The car makes no noise, no matter the speed, so it is really nice to talk, also the music sounds great. We made a lot of stops for charging, the average charging time was 15 minutes. This gave us enough time to plan our next stop, eat something, have a drink, relax our legs a bit, during longer stops we even watched some videos.
The night drive was great. Open road, the snow cleared from the streets, some snow-fall, but all-in-all really nice weather. It was cold, but it did not seem to bother our Soul in any way. The range was outstanding.
The german high-way chargers are very user friendly and, what is also very important, mostly free of charge. We just hope this does not change soon. Also the fast-chargers from Munich to Duesseldorf give you a great way to do regular pit-stops with very little lost time. You do have to be careful, though, since most of the chargers are only on one side of the highway. With a little resourcefulness you can find your way from one side to the other without having to use official exits.
I would do this again, no problem. But I admit, it is nice to have a great driver and trip-planer with you when you pull stunts like this. And I have one. For more information please write to us at https://www.facebook.com/EVladyclub….

potovanje po Bosni

Odpravili smo se po okoliških krajih.Odpravili smo se po okoliških krajih.Odpravili smo se po okoliških krajih.

2 leti kasneje

Zdaj, po skoraj dveh letih vožnje z EV-lady moram reči, da sem se na elektriko tako navadila, da mi gre moj dizelski Mini dejansko na živce. Vse, kar ima EV-lady, Miniju manjka.


Zjutraj se EV-lady ogreje že do konca ulice – mene nikoli ne zebe v avtu. Da o tem, da se lahko segreje že preden sedem v avto, niti ne govorim.

Stroškovno je učinkovita. “gorivo” me v najslabšem primeru stane 25 eur na mesec.

Cestnina je brezplačna. (Vinjeto seveda plačam)

Servisi so milina – prideš, pogledajo, pokimajo, greš … In strošek servisa je zanemarljiv.

V avtu se lahko pogovarjamo normalno, nobenega odvečnega hrupa, nič spraševanja Kaj si rekla iz zadnjih sedežev. Tudi če malo potegnem na avtocesti, hrupa ni.

Vožnja je umirjena. Vozim počasneje kot dizla, to pa pomeni manj stresa, več časa zame …

Pravkar pišem pismo Božičku, da hočem drugo leto še našega Minija zamenjati za nekaj električnega. Nisem pa še izbrala, katerega hočem. Bom poročala.